Travel to Wellington the capital of New Zealand

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Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, located on the south-western tip of the country’s North Island, and connected by ferry services to the South Island. The quaint capital city is defined by a balance between modern development and nature conservation, with a vast number of green spaces in and around the city. However, you may first need to get the eTA New Zealand if you’re planning to travel to Wellington, New Zealand.

New Zealand Travel Authorization Requirements for Wellington

Passport holders from a selection of countries can currently visit New Zealand for stays of up to 90 days with a valid eTA NZ, including US citizens. UK citizens can visit for 6 months with an NZeTA. Most other nations require either an NZeTA, or some type of New Zealand tourist visa waiver to visit.

Citizens of the 60 visa-exempt countries for New Zealand are required to apply for a New Zealand eTA (Electronic Travel Authority) before travelling to the country for short stays. This electronic visa waiver system will allow applicants to travel to Wellington by completing an online form.

Citizens of the eTA eligible countries have to meet the New Zealand eTA requirements to apply. A valid passport and a credit or debit card to pay the travel authorization fee and tourist levy for New Zealand are both required, as well as a current email address at which to receive the NZeTA for Wellington.

How to Apply for the Travel Authorization to Wellington

The New Zealand eTA application form is fast and simple to complete. Passport holders from the eligible countries have to provide the data from the passport information page, as well as their address and travel plans. There are some health and security-related questions as the eTA visa waiver is being implemented in order to screen visitors before arrival, to improve New Zealand’s border security.

It’s important to carefully check the data entered when completing the New Zealand eTA application form, as any mistakes, including information that does not exactly match the details on your documentation could result in the application being rejected. Likewise, if the incorrect email address is provided, the NZeTA for Wellington will not arrive and they will need to begin the application again.

The New Zealand electronic visa waiver will arrive in the applicants’ email inbox if the application is approved successfully, which should happen quickly, within 1 business day, in the majority of cases. Travellers are advised to apply for the NZeTA at least 3 business days in advance, to allow extra processing time in case they are asked to submit additional documents. The applicant can then print a copy of the NZeTA for Wellington to present to border control when they travel to New Zealand.

Things to Do in Wellington New Zealand

Once visitors check NZeTA requirements and get the correct type of travel authorization to Wellington, they can begin to plan their trip.

As well as being the main ferry port to travel to the South Island, Wellington is the seat of political power in the country and plays host to some impressive architecture. Tourists can visit the iconic Beehive in Wellington, or the Victorian-style Government Building, one of the largest wooden buildings in the world.

Getting around Wellington, New Zealand is easy. Until 2017, the city was served by extensive tram lines, but now a comprehensive bus network is the primary transport link in the city. One of the most popular tourist attractions is to take a ride on the Wellington Cable Car, a retro funicular railway that connects Wellington city center with its hilly suburbs and is one of the city’s most iconic symbols.

There are numerous opportunities for hiking in Wellington, as the city is saturated with green spaces. Although it’s one of the world’s windiest cities, the weather in Wellington is largely temperate and mild. Tourists should visit the Wellington botanic gardens and Wellington Zoo. Perhaps the most unique natural space is Zealandia, a wildlife sanctuary and protected natural area on the Southern border of Wellington. Here you can see New Zealand’s protected bird species in their natural environment, such as the little spotted kiwi.

Many visitors travel to Wellington, New Zealand to visit the famous Weta Workshop studio, responsible for massive film productions such as The Lord of the Rings, King Kong, and Avatar. The Weta Cave attraction is open to the public and allows visitors to tour a museum of iconic film props. Guests can take pictures with lifesize sculptures of favourite characters like Gandalf, Gollum, or the gigantic trolls from the Hobbit films.

Does the range of diverse tourist attractions in Wellington, New Zealand sound appealing? If so, don’t waste any time in applying for the NZeTA for Wellington in order to begin exploring one of the greenest capital cities in the world.