eTA New Zealand for South Korean Citizens

New Zealand visa waiver requirements from South Korea

In order to facilitate tourism while increasing security, the New Zealand government introduced the NZeTA in October of 2019. This document is an electronic visa waiver that makes it easier for citizens of South Korea, and many other nationalities, to travel to the island country.

This new visa waiver system eliminates the need for travellers to obtain a visa via a local embassy or consulate. Instead, those visiting New Zealand for short stays can fill out an online application and receive their NZeTA usually within a matter of hours.

The NZeTA is also a security measure as it allows the New Zealand border security officials to pre-screen travellers before they arrive in the country and identify any potential threats.

When do South Korean citizens need to apply for an eTA NZ?

Whether they intend to holiday in New Zealand or are going to be stopping over on their way to a third country, travellers from eligible countries, including South Korea, need to apply for the NZeTA prior to their arrival.

Additionally, South Korean passengers travelling on a cruise ship will also be required to obtain an NZeTA before arriving in the country.

eTA New Zealand application from South Korea

Although the NZeTA can usually be obtained within minutes from the time the petitioner submits his/her online application, it is still advisable to apply for the visa waiver early in case of any processing delays.

The online NZeTA application process itself is very simple. Applicants are required to provide some personal details such as name, address, date of birth as well as passport information. They will also be asked about past criminal history and plans regarding their visit to New Zealand.

The information entered into the NZeTA application should be as accurate as possible. Any discrepancies between the information provided on the form and that which is shown on the applicant’s travel documents can render the application invalid and lead to a denial of the NZeTA visa waiver. In certain cases, the visa waiver might be granted but the applicant may face travel delays as a result.

Travellers will have the opportunity to revise any incorrect or missing information on the application form before submitting it.

Once the visa waiver application has been approved, the petitioner will receive his/her NZeTA via email.

Although it is not mandatory, it is recommended to take a printed copy of the NZeTA to the New Zealand port of entry.

NZeTA form steps to complete from South Korea

Applying for the New Zealand eTA for South Korean citizens should not take more than 10 minutes as the questions are simple and straightforward.

The application form of the eTA NZ for South Korea nationals contains the following basic personal questions:

  • Passport info – nationality, expiry date, passport number
  • Personal info – full name, address, date of birth
  • Security info – history of criminal convictions
  • Travel plans – dates of travel, hotels

It is advisable to thoroughly revise the answers provided on the NZeTA application to eliminate any possible inaccuracies or mistakes. Doing so will avoid lengthening the eTA visa waiver processing time or risking application rejection due to errors.

How long does it take to get the New Zealand eTA from South Korea?

Once the online application has been submitted, applicants will receive a response via email within 1 business day in most cases. However, it is recommended to apply some days in advance, in order to allow sufficient processing time in the event that additional information is required.

All applicants from South Korean with dual citizenship must travel using the passport provided when completing the online application for their NZeTA.

South Korean passport holders will receive their New Zealand eTA in PDF format via email. The NZeTA remains electronically linked to the traveller’s passport, which eliminates the need for a physical stamp on a passport page.

Entry requirements for South Korean citizens to visit New Zealand

There are certain requirements that all foreigners from eligible countries travelling to New Zealand, including those from South Korea, must fulfil in order to obtain an NZeTA. They include:

  • Having a passport from an eligible country
  • Having a passport valid for 3 months from the date of arrival in New Zealand.
  • Being able to pay a processing fee and, when applicable, the IVL NZ tourist tax (International Visitor Conservation and Tourist Levy) using a debit/credit card

When do citizens of South Korea need to apply for a visa instead of an eTA NZ?

The government of New Zealand offers a variety of different tourist visas that travellers can apply for.

While the NZeTA visa waiver is convenient, it might not suit everyone’s travel needs. Therefore, visitors to New Zealand should study the different types of visas to see which is the correct option for them.

eTA NZ quick facts for South Korean nationals

  • South Korean passport holders are eligible for NZeTA
  • Valid for up to 2 years
  • Allows multiple entries
  • Mandatory for those South Koreans in transit