eTA New Zealand for Slovenian Citizens

New Zealand Visa Waiver requirements from Slovenia

New Zealand is a beautiful country endowed with beautiful landscapes that have been used for the scenic backgrounds shown in the ‘Lord of Rings’ trilogy. The country is also known for its rich history and local culture which is why tourists flock to it every year in great numbers from all over the world.

The New Zealand government has introduced an electronic visa waiver that makes it easier for citizens of 60 countries, including Slovenian passport holders to travel to the country. This visa waiver program allows holders to visit the island country without having to visit a New Zealand embassy or consulate to obtain a visa. Instead, they can simply apply for the NZeTA visa waiver online and receive the visa via email within a matter of days before they travel to the country.

The NZeTA visa waiver is geared towards making it easier for people to travel to the country for tourism. Nevertheless, Slovenian citizens travelling to the island for purposes other than tourism, business or transit, or, that intend to stay in NZ for longer than 90 consecutive days, have a variety of NZ tourist visas to select from. Therefore, travelers should go over the different types of tourist visas and apply for one that best fits their travel needs.

NZeTA eligibility Requirements from Slovenia

The New Zealand government requires that all foreigners traveling to the country on an NZeTA visa waiver meet certain basic requirements for traveling to the country. Travelers must have a passport from one of the 60 eligible countries that has a remaining validity between of at least 3 months beyond the intended date of exit from New Zealand.

The NZeTA applicant must cover both the visa waiver processing fee and a tourist tax called the International Visitor Conservation and Tourist Levy (IVL) using a debit or credit card. The IVL is collected to ensure the preservation of the natural environment that travellers enjoy during their stay in New Zealand.

Foreign citizens with more than one passport from different countries must make sure to travel on the same passport that they used to apply for the NZeTA. This is due to the fact that their NZeTA will be tied to the passport that they used to apply for the visa waiver and therefore only that passport can be used for entering and exiting New Zealand.

Can Slovenian citizens apply for an NZeTA?

Slovenia is one of the European Union member states, therefore, its citizens are eligible to apply for an NZeTA. This visa waiver is valid for up to 2 years and allows multiple entries into New Zealand with a maximum of up to 90 days per stay in the country.

When should citizens of Slovenia apply for eTA New Zealand?

The NZeTA from Slovenia is intended for visitors entering New Zealand for tourism and shorter stays of up to 90 days in total. For longer stays, tourists and participants in sports/adventure activities might want to consider applying for the New Zealand Visitor Visa instead, since it allows holders a maximum length of stay of up to 9 months.

Travellers can apply for the NZeTA visa waiver just before their planned trip. However, it is highly recommended that applicants allow for at least 72 hours for the NZeTA request to process and be sent to them via email before departure towards their intended trip.

It is considered best practice to apply for the NZeTA visa waiver well in advance of the trip so as to allow for any additional processing that might be needed or in the event some unexpected delays occur.

Information about travelling to New Zealand from Slovenia

When Slovenian travellers are ready to apply for a New Zealand eTA, they may access the New Zealand eTA online visa waiver application form. The applicants will have to fill out some personal data such as their name, date of birth, address, and answer some simple questions regarding their criminal history and plans for onward travel after their visit to New Zealand. The applicant will also have to fill out passport information and answer questions on their health and whether they have the intention to receive medical consultation or treatment in NZ.

Once the application has been accurately filled out and the payment has been submitted, the applicant will receive the NZeTA visa within 3 business days. The applicant should take a printed copy of the NZeTA visa waiver as it will have to be presented to New Zealand Border Security officials at the port of entry.

Travellers are advised to plan their trip in such a way that they leave the country before their NZeTA expires in order to avoid issues that might come up for overstaying their NZ visa waiver.