eTA New Zealand for Qatari Citizens

New Zealand Visa Waiver requirements from Qatar

In 2019 the New Zealand government added to its visa and permit policy the NZeTA or the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority.

The NZeTA permits citizens of 60 countries to enter New Zealand multiple times over the course of 2 years. Qatar is one of these countries, which means that Qatari citizens are able to avoid appointments and queues at New Zealand embassies in order to get a visa waiver to enter the Oceanic country. Now Qatar nationals can obtain the NZeTA directly from their homes.

The NZ electronic visa waiver is recommended for tourism, transit and business. Qatari travelling to New Zealand with these purposes might get the NZeTA visa waiver from Qatar before departure.

Requirements Related to the NZeTA for Qatari Citizens

All the 60 visa waiver eligible countries that intend to get an NZeTA should be in possession of a valid passport and a credit or debit card in order to start the requirement process.

Furthermore, Qatari nationals, as many other nationalities, must demonstrate that they have a good health condition and that they have not been deported from other countries.

New Zealand is especially careful about its security, both for its people and the environment. In fact, one of the requirements to ask for an eTA to New Zealand is the payment of a tax.

The IVL (International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy) permits the New Zealand government to invest in nature and sustainable tourism. New Zealand has a duty to protect its many national parks, biodiversity, and Maori culture, which requires social conscience and funding.

The electronic visa waiver to New Zealand is thought for those travellers arriving by air or on a cruise. In case Qatari citizens are going to enter New Zealand on a cruise, the NZeTA is also mandatory. In fact, it is mandatory for all eligible nationalities.

If Qatar tourists are in New Zealand because of a transit flight at Auckland International Airport, the NZeTA is also required.

For other purposes, Qatari travellers must check the different types of visas that New Zealand offers.

Necessary Travel Documents for the eTA New Zealand From Qatar

Qatari nationals intending to get a visa waiver to New Zealand are not required to present a lot of documentation. Being eligible to ask for a visa waiver has advantages when submitting the application.

Travellers from Qatar are only required to be in possession of a valid Qatari passport with at least 3 months of validity left from the departure day from New Zealand, an active email address to start the online application and a valid credit or debit card.

Qatari applicants should note that authorities can also ask them about their health conditions and eventual criminal reports before entering NZ.

On one hand, if Qatari travellers intend to enter New Zealand because of medical issues, they will have to apply for a Medical Treatment Visitor Visa. The NZeTA would not be appropriate.

On the other hand, the New Zealand Security Forces can reject a visa waiver application, made from Qatar or any other eligible country, if there is any possibility of danger that can put in risk the New Zealand society.

eTA NZ Application Form for Qatari Citizens

The application for the New Zealand eTA for Qatari nationals planning to obtain a visa waiver to New Zealand is online and does not require more than a few minutes.

Before starting, Qatari applicants should have their passport data at hand, as well as:

  • An electronic device (laptop, desktop, smartphone or even tablet)
  • An active email address
  • A good internet connection
  • A valid card. It can be debit or credit

During the online application, some personal data is asked: full name, date of birth, current address and place of birth, as well as age and gender. It is also asked for the criminal reports, in case the applicant of Qatar has one.

After submitting this information and paying the NZeTA fee, the visa waiver application is sent to the New Zealand authorities. In less than 3 business days, they will extend the electronic visa waiver to the Qatari national.

Applicants from Qatar should keep in mind that the eTA is received via email at the same email address used for the application. It is a good idea that Qataris check their inbox and the spam box in order to be sure that they have received the travel authorisation.

After getting the NZeTA, Qatari citizens must print it and show it together with their valid passport when arriving in New Zealand.

The NZeTA expires after 2 years and offers the possibility for Qatari nationals to enter New Zealand multiple times and remain up to 3 months each time.


What Does New Zealand Offer to Qataris?

New Zealand is one of the most unique countries in the world because of the differences between regions. It is important that Qatari travellers have a plan and estimated route before departing to know which clothes are more appropriate for their trip to New Zealand.

In this sense, it is good to know the North of New Zealand experiences mild weather, while the South, which is in proximity to the South Pole, is colder.

Maoris are key within the country, and their way of thinking and living is really important in New Zealand society. In fact, one of the most famous rugby teams have shown around the world their “Maori dance” before every game: the Haka Dance.

Even if it is a long way to go to New Zealand from Qatar (18 hours and 30 minutes), the journey is worth it. The island offers fun activities for families, children, nature lovers and even cinematographic locations since New Zealand is where The Lord of the Rings was filmed.

Unique requirements for enjoying this incredible land include the respect for nationals and wildlife and willingness to learn from nature.