eTA NZ for Portuguese Citizens

New Zealand Visa Waiver Requirements for Portugal

New Zealand increased its visas expedition when the Visa Waiver Program for New Zealand was incorporated in 2019. The eTA visa waiver to NZ is a travel document that allows citizens of 60 enabled countries, including Portugal, to apply online in order to get a visa waiver.

Read more to learn about the NZ eTA requirements for Portuguese nationals.

How Does the eTA NZ for Portuguese Citizens Work?

As Portuguese citizens are part of this select group of eligible nationalities, they can obtain the document just by filling in an eTA to NZ online application form. It requires the registration of the applicant’s email address, as all the process is online and requires using an email for further communications.

After answering some questions regarding personal information, such as name, last name, address in Portugal, age, and the passport information, the NZ eTA form concludes with the payment procedure, which must be completed by Portuguese applicants with a debit or credit card. This payment also includes the IVL, a tourist NZ tax that is directly invested in the conservation of New Zealand’s nature and cultural heritage.

After having submitted the information, the eTA NZ requirement is sent to the New Zealand authorities, which in less than 2 working days will send the eTA approval at the email used by citizens of Portugal for the registration.

Portuguese nationals are advised to start their NZ eTA application in advance, as it could take more than 2 days due to extraordinary circumstances.

After receiving the NZ eTA, passengers from Portugal must print and bring the visa waiver to the New Zealand trip when landing.

Which Are the NZeTA Requirements From Portugal?

Portuguese nationals have the same requirements for applying to the NZeTA than the rest of European countries, which are being in possession of a valid passport, registering a current email address and paying the processing fee with a credit or debit card.

Nevertheless, in some cases, New Zealand can make questions regarding their own security, such as if Portugal nationals are carrying contagious diseases or if they have criminal reports or other legal sanctions in place.

In case Portuguese have been arrested, overstayed or been reported from other countries, the requirements to obtain an eTA to NZ can vary as it would be required to present additional documentation.

The same procedure will be required for those Portuguese travellers who have medical problems when entering NZ and who might need hospital assistance.

The eTA visa waiver to NZ has a validity period of two years since the moment of receiving the approval, allowing multiple-entry trips as long as they do not surpass 3 consecutive months each time. If the Portuguese passport expires before the 2 valid years, the NZeTA will also expire.

Special requirements for Portuguese families or groups entering New Zealand

New Zealand is a very diverse, complete country that offers several leisure options, for both adults and children. Therefore, it is usually recommended as a family- or group-friendly destination for Portuguese passport holders interested in visiting.

However, passengers of Portugal must consider the requirements involved when travelling to NZ with underage nationals or as a group. In the first case, Portuguese minors travelling to NZ need to meet the same requirements as an adult, which means having their own valid passport and filling in the online form in order to get their eTA.

Regarding Portuguese groups travelling together to NZ, they will need to apply individually to the visa waiver as each member is required to have their own eTA to New Zealand.

Different Visas Types for Portuguese Traveling to NZ

The eTA for New Zealand allows Portuguese to enter the island because of tourism, business affairs and transit.

Business affairs are understood as conferences, meetings, celebrations, among other activities. It is forbidden to perform voluntary work or paid work in New Zealand when Portuguese nationals have entered the country with an eTA.

If citizens of Portugal are intending to arrive in New Zealand for purposes different from the stated before, it will be required to go to a New Zealand embassy or consulate in Portugal and ask which from the different types of New Zealand visas is the appropriate according to the reason of the trip.

Those Portuguese travellers arriving in New Zealand as transit passengers must bring the transit NZ eTA if they want to exit the international airport during their wait for the connecting flight.

Traveling to New Zealand From Portugal

A flight from Lisbon, Portugal to Auckland, New Zealand can take more than 24 hours, including connecting flights and transfers, which means Portuguese nationals should plan ahead before completing this trip.

To do so, they can inform themselves about the best moment to visit New Zealand, as the weather in different cities may determine what are the best clothes, connections and accommodation for Portuguese travellers.

Also, it is worth knowing in advance which are the main NZ attractions as a visitor from Portugal to save time and better organize the travel itinerary.

Finally, Portuguese nationals are advised to know more about the country’s wildlife since some plants and animals in New Zealand can be dangerous, and proper measures must be taken.