eTA New Zealand for Maltese Citizens

New Zealand Visa Waiver requirements from Malta

The new NZ Electronic Travel System can help travellers of Malta save valuable time and money. With this recently implemented system, Maltese citizens can apply for an eTA, which allows visitors to travel to New Zealand for up to 3 months.

One of the first things to have in mind is whether or not a visa is required. Most nationalities do require to obtain a visa to travel to New Zealand. However, in the case of citizens of Malta, they only need to obtain a visa waiver known as NZeTA.

Do Maltese Citizens Need an eTA to Travel to New Zealand?

Since October 1, 2019, the New Zealand government introduced the Electronic Travel Authority, allowing passport holders from the 60 visa-exempt countries to obtain an NZeTA for tourism.

Maltese citizens who plan to visit New Zealand for a short period must apply online for an NZeTA before beginning any trip.

Maltese seeking a longer period of stay will require a New Zealand visa from the local consulate or the embassy.

How Can Maltese Citizens Apply for an NZ Visa Waiver?

When applying for an NZeTA, Maltese citizens should take into consideration the type of NZ visa they require. It will all depend on the purpose and duration of the trip.

Understanding the type of visa is key when preparing for a trip to New Zealand.

After being sure of the visa type needed, Maltese applicants are now ready to start the application process.

In the case of needing a visa waiver, such as the NZ eTA, successful completion of an eTANZ application form only requires internet access and complying with certain eligibility criteria.

There are 3 simple steps when registering for an NZeTA:

  • Complete the online New Zealand application form
  • Use a credit or debit card to submit the payment of both the NZeTA rate and the associated tourism tax
  • Wait for the eTA to arrive in the inbox of the applicant’s email address

NZeTA Application Form for Maltese Nationals

The NZeTA application form is easy and simple to complete. The online form should be completed in a matter of minutes without having to go to the local consulate or embassy.

Maltese travellers can submit their requests in as little as 10 minutes without having to leave the comfort of their home or office.

Applicants of Malta must have the necessary documents such as a valid Maltese passport as well as other basic travel requirements in hand when lodging the application.

Also, to help support tourism and conservation, the government of New Zealand requests a small processing fee known as the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL).

Entry Requirements for the NZeTA from Malta

It is the Maltese applicant’s responsibility to confirm that they meet the NZeTA requirements before planning a trip to New Zealand.

A basic recommendation for passengers of Malta is to have all documents on hand, along with completing the NZeTA application form before leaving their home country, as this will help avoid delays during their journey.

An easy questionnaire is displayed, which is mainly conformed of basic personal information like:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth

Maltese applicants must check for spelling mistakes as this will avoid wasting time simply by double-checking the imputed data. Passport details and travel plans must be entered into the application.

Since the eTA will be electronically linked to the passport, visitors from Malta should make sure that they have the correct, valid document.

Additonal health & security NZeTA requirements for Maltese citizens

Other health and security-related questions may arouse as petitioners carry on with the online form.

The New Zealand government may ask questions related to the character. Good character requires that Maltese applicants do not have a criminal conviction, have been recently deported or banned from any country. Applicants who cannot provide sufficient proof can be denied entry.

Passengers from Malta must be in good health. Flying to New Zealand with a medical condition can require to follow additional guidelines as airlines may prioritize the safety and wellbeing of passengers. Medical clearance will be required for Maltese travelling with special conditions or medical equipment.

How Long Can Maltese Nationals Stay in New Zealand Under The Visa Waiver Program

The New Zealand eTA is granted for short periods of stay and it serves only for tourist, commercial, or transit purposes.

The visa waiver for New Zealand is valid for 2 years, it can be used for multiple-entry visits.

In the case of transit passengers from Malta who must take quick stops or simply stopover at Auckland International Airport, they must carry an NZeTA transit visa, which is different from the visa waiver known as NZeTA since the transit visa does not allow passengers to leave the airport.

New Zealand eTA: Additional Aspects For Maltese Citizens to Consider

Travellers that are already underway may experience delays that can arouse last-minute when travelling to New Zealand. An example would be when a Maltese traveller arrives at the airport without an NZeTA or when an individual has had to replace his/her passport after obtaining the NZeTA.

The express option to get an eTA NZ which may be delivered within 1 hour. But Maltese applicants must be aware of making small errors in the application form as the slightest mistake can cause delays in the application for the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority.