eTA New Zealand for Hong Kong Citizens

New Zealand Visa Waiver requirements from Hong Kong

New Zealand is an epic destination located in the Pacific Ocean. Its towering mountains, idyllic rivers, magical forests, and golden beaches make it the perfect location for nature lovers and for those seeking adventure.

At the moment, travelers from Hong Kong (traveling with a Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passport or a British overseas passport) can enter New Zealand for periods of up to 90 days without any form of visa or travel authorization. However, this will change when the New Zealand eTA is launched in August 2019 and becomes obligatory for Hong Kong citizens from October 2019.

Do I Need a Visa for New Zealand from Hong Kong?

Whether you need a visa for New Zealand from Hong Kong depends on your purpose for visiting and the length of your stay. For trips which are up to 90 days for tourism purposes, citizens from Hong Kong can enter visa-free.

However, from August 2019, the eTA for New Zealand will be implemented and become a become a mandatory requirement for citizens of Hong Kong traveling to New Zealand from October 2019. Travelers will need to complete the online application at least 72 hours before departure, and will receive their electronic travel authorization via email.

The eTA New Zealand for Hong Kong citizens will be valid for a total of 2 years and is expected to allow consecutive stays of 90 days in New Zealand.

For longer visits, or if you want to work or study in New Zealand, you need to go to an embassy or consulate of New Zealand to apply for a visa. There are various different types of visas depending on the type of work or educational course.

NZ eTA application for Hong Kongese Citizens

To complete the eTA New Zealand visa application from Hong Kong, applicants will need to complete the New Zealand visa application form by entering a range of information including their full name, address, date of birth, passport details, and travel plans. There will also be some health and security-related questions.

To minimize the chances of complications or even visa rejections, applicants will need to carefully revise all the information on the application. Unanswered questions and small mistakes, such as typos, can cause delays in the process.

eTA Visa Waiver New Zealand Requirements for Hong Kongese

The New Zealand eTA requirements have not yet been finalized. However, the basic requirements will include having a valid passport from one of the eligible countries, paying a service fee and tourist levy using a credit or debit card, and completing the online application fully and accurately.

To submit the application for the eTA New Zealand for Hong Kongese travelers, it is necessary to pay a service fee and tourist levy using a credit or debit card. Once the application has been approved, the eTA is sent to the email address provided on the application form.

Applicants who have more than one passport will need to use the same passport to apply for the NZ visa from Hong Kong and to enter the country. The eTA is only valid when used with the corresponding passport.

Travel to New Zealand From Hong Kong

Travelers will need to print a copy of their Tourist Visa for New Zealand to present to the New Zealand border control to gain entry. Visitors will also need to present their passport which must correspond with the New Zealand eTA.

After you have entered you can start making the most of what will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. There is an incredible amount of natural phenomena including thermal springs and geysers. Fans of The Lord of the Rings can enjoy the spectacular tour of the locations used to shoot the popular trilogy.