eTA New Zealand for Greek Citizens

New Zealand Visa Waiver requirements for Greece

New Zealand is a wonderful country with breathtaking scenery that provides plenty of opportunities for travellers who seek adventure.

Citizens of Greece who wish to experience everything New Zealand has to offer need to carry a valid travel authorization in order to enter the country. The New Zealand government introduced the NZeTA in August 2019—an electronic visa waiver for citizens of Greece and another 59 countries—.

This means that all travellers visiting NZ from Greece as well as from the other countries that have a visa waiver agreement with the island country are required to obtain an NZeTA travel authorization prior to their departure.

Greek crew members travelling aboard cruise ships or airlines are required to obtain a Crew eTA visa waiver which is valid for up to 5 years. Furthermore, passengers from Greece transiting through New Zealand on their way to a final destination also need to obtain an NZeTA prior to their arrival in the country.

The NZeTA is designed primarily for people from eligible countries, such as Greece, intending to visit New Zealand for tourism and leisure for a maximum of 90 days. However, travellers from Greece who wish to spend more than 90 consecutive days in NZ might want to consider getting the New Zealand Visitor Visa instead, although the requirements might involve more paperwork. The government of New Zealand offers different types of tourist visas, to accommodate specific travelling needs such as getting a degree in NZ as a Greek national, working on the island, among others.

eTA New Zealand Application Process for Greek Visitors

Greek citizens are required to obtain an NZeTA visa waiver prior to travelling to New Zealand. This mandatory travel requirement can be obtained by Greek nationals that meet the NZeTA requirements the New Zealand government has put in place. Travellers from Greece who are eligible to apply for an NZeTA visa waiver need to ensure that their passport will have a remaining validity of at least 3 months beyond their date of departure from New Zealand.

In order to apply for an NZeTA, eligible citizens, including Greek nationals, must cover a processing fee and a tourist tax called IVL. The International Visitor Conservation and Tourist Levy (IVL) will automatically be added to applicants’ fee unless they are applying for a transit NZeTA and covered by the traveller using a debit or credit card in order to submit their NZeTA visa application.

Applying for the NZeTA for Greek citizens only takes a few minutes and is quite a straightforward process. Applicants are asked to enter basic information such as their name, date of birth, passport details, and email address. Travellers applying for the NZeTA from Greece are then asked some simple questions regarding any criminal history and intention of receiving medical treatment or consultation in New Zealand that they may have.

Can I change some information on my NZ eTA from Greece application after submitting it?

Applicants must make sure that the information entered on the NZeTA online form is accurate as any discrepancies can lead to visa waiver rejection or other delays. Before submitting the application, Greek citizens will have the chance to review the information to make sure it corresponds exactly with the data shown on their passport.

However, in the event that you detect a typo or other error on your data after submitting your application, you may contact us immediately by replying to your confirmation email and we will attempt to correct it for you.

Greek nationals that hold more than one passport due to dual nationality need to make sure to travel to New Zealand on the same passport they used to apply for the NZeTA visa waiver. This is because the NZeTA visa waiver is tied to the specific passport used in the application and may not be transferred to a second one, even though both belong to the same individual.

eTA NZ requirements for Greek citizens to enter New Zealand

The NZeTA visa is valid for a total duration of 2 years and travellers are allowed to visit multiple times as long as their visa is valid, and they have not exhausted their maximum stay of up to 90 consecutive days.

After submitting the NZeTA visa waiver application, the travel authorization will arrive via email within 3 business days. Travellers will have to present the eTA to New Zealand Border Security officials alongside their Greek passport at a New Zealand port of entry when they arrive. Therefore, they should take a printed copy of the NZeTA visa with them to show when needed during their travel.