eTA New Zealand for Finnish Citizens

New Zealand Visa Waiver Requirements From Finland

The government of New Zealand has recently implemented ways to make travelling to New Zealand easier and its borders safer.

Finnish citizens along with the nationals of 59 other countries are eligible to apply for an NZeTA visa waiver based on the agreements Finland has with the government of New Zealand.

Applying for the NZeTA visa waiver is quite simple and the process can be completed in 10 minutes from a mobile phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection. Finnish citizens can easily obtain the required travel authorisations for their visit to New Zealand in a matter of days or even hours without having to visit a New Zealand embassy or consulate.

Besides the electronic visa waiver, there are different types of visas that Finnish passport holders can apply for in order to travel to New Zealand. The type of visa they can obtain depends on the following crucial factors:

  • Their nationality
  • Their age
  • The purpose of their visit
  • Their expected length of stay

Travellers are encouraged to go through the list of visas available to Finnish citizens and select one that appropriately fits their travel plans.

What are the NZeTA Requirements for Finnish Citizens?

The New Zealand government requires all foreign nationals attempting to request an NZeTA visa waiver to abide by certain basic eligibility requirements, which include:

  • Having a passport from one of the 60 eligible countries
  • The validity of the passport should extend at least 3 months from the date of their departure from New Zealand
  • Having a valid email address to receive updates and notifications regarding the NZeTA application
  • Having a credit or credit card that has been approved for online transactions

Finnish applicants of the NZeTA will have to demonstrate their genuineness in visiting New Zealand for travel/tourism purposes and provide proof of sufficient funds for their trip. They may also need to show proof of onward travel from New Zealand.

Additionally, travellers from Finland will have to show good character through a clean criminal and immigration record. They must also have good health when applying for the eTA.

It should be noted that cruise passengers and those transiting through Auckland International Airport on their way to another destination need to hold a valid NZeTA.

NZeTA application process from Finland

Finnish nationals can begin the application process for the NZeTA visa waiver by completing an online application with details such as:

  • Full Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Contact Information
  • Passport data
  • Travel information

A section of the application will ask the traveller to answer questions regarding their health and security in order to identify any potential risks associated with the applicant entering to New Zealand.

Answers to all questions on the NZeTA application form must be accurate. Finnish applicants that fail to provide accurate information can face delays or even rejection of their request to obtain an NZeTA visa waiver which ultimately can affect their travel plans.

Foreigners must also use the same passport to travel to New Zealand as the one they submitted during their application for the eTA visa waiver. This is due to the fact that the visa waiver is digitally associated with the passport used to apply for the visa waiver. Travellers can only use the passport associated with their NZeTA visa waiver to enter New Zealand.

Finnish applicants will also be required to pay a processing fee and a tourist tax, known as the International Tourist Levy (IVL) using a debit or credit card in order to complete the application process (if applicable). Once the payment has cleared, travellers will be able to submit the application for processing.

How long will it take for my application to be processed?

After submitting it, Finnish nationals can amend and keep track of the status of their application before a decision is reached. They are encouraged to complete the request at least 3 days before their intended date of departure for New Zealand to ensure that they receive the visa waiver in a timely manner.

The average processing time on an NZeTA visa waiver application can be from 1 to 3 business days. Most reviews, however, are completed within 1 business day. There may on occasion be exceptions to that.

Travellers are encouraged to apply for the visa waiver ahead of time to avoid any processing delays that may occur. Once the traveller’s request for a visa waiver has been approved, they will securely receive their NZeTA via email.

Finnish visitors will need to print out a copy of the NZeTA and take it with them when they travel to New Zealand as it will be needed for entry into the country.

How many times can Finnish citizens enter New Zealand with an eTA?

The NZeTA visa waiver allows its holder a maximum stay of up to 90-days in the country. It also allows multiple entries into New Zealand on a given 2-year period.