Connecting flight or transit through New Zealand

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The brand new Electronic Travel Authority for New Zealand (eTA), which is applicable to all countries with a visa waiver agreement launches later in 2019. From July 2019 anyone arriving from all 60 visa waiver countries will need to have to apply for the eTA. This, of course, invites the question of whether you’ll need an eTA New Zealand transit visa on a stop-off to the country on the way another destination?

We’re going to fully explain the requirements of the new system so you’ll know exactly what type of documentation you’ll need on a stop-off visit to New Zealand. Most foreign citizens visiting with a New Zealand Tourist Visa won’t need to worry about this as this already provides sufficient permission to enter the country. However, those from the 60 visa waiver countries may need to take additional steps before any trips to the Island nation later this year.

Let’s find out how you’ll be able to transit through New Zealand on your way to another stop once the new process is put into place.

Do I Need An eTA to Transit through New Zealand?

At the moment it is obligatory to have a transit visa if you’re passing through New Zealand on your way to another country or destination like Antarctica and you are not a citizen of current visa waiver or transit visa waiver country. An NZ transit eTA visa waiver to another country allows visitors to pass through Auckland International Airport as a passenger to a different destination.

That is unless you’re traveling to Australia. In this instance, a transit visa isn’t required. This is also the case for scientists with onward travel to Antartica under the Antartic treaty.

Currently, those visiting New Zealand from all 60 visa exempt countries are able to enter the nation for approximately 90-days visa-free. However, from July 2019, the new eTA visa waiver system will be implemented and pre-registering will be obligatory as of October 1st, 2019.

From the time of launch onwards, that’s going to mean that you’ll need an eTA in place even if you’re transiting through New Zealand to another destination. This is going to affect a few different kinds of passengers passing through the country en-route to the final stop on their journey.

A Few Situations Where You Might Need a New Zealand Transit Visa

Aside from those visiting the country as part of a vacation, a few other individuals are going to need a completed and approved New Zealand eTA. These include:

  • People traveling to New Zealand as a stop off point to another worldwide destination
  • Tourists with onward travel to Antarctica
  • Members of an airline’s in-flight crew
  • Those working on a cruise ship which is calling at one of the country’s ports (these rules, however, do not apply for other commercial shipping workers or members of a visiting force)

What Do I Need to Get a New Zealand eTA Transit Visa Waiver

Getting a transit visa for New Zealand is a relatively straightforward process. Simply follow the New Zealand eTA application instructions and you can get your 2-year visa waiver online.

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting your eTA New Zealand for Wellington airport or Christchurch airport. The document covers the whole country and is perfect for anyone from eligible countries passing through the nation in transit.

New Zealand Transit eTA Application Essentials

These are the most important things you need to do when you apply for your eTA for transit to New Zealand:

  • Complete the eTA NZ form
  • Make sure your passport has up to 3 months validity remaining
  • Pay the eTA fee via direct debit or credit card

Once you’ve completed these steps and it’s been approved, your New Zealand eTA for transit will be available to download online. If you’re unsure of any of the essentials for the eTA New Zealand transit visa waiver be sure to double check the New Zealand eTA Requirements before making your application.

With the new system launching so soon, it’s important to get prepared for all the coming changes in advance of travel. Fortunately, however, getting ready with a New Zealand eTA only takes a few clicks and will allow you both safe passage and multiple entries to the country over a 2 year period.