eTA New Zealand for South Korean Citizens

New Zealand Visa Waiver requirements from South Korea

New Zealand is beautiful country with breath-taking landscapes, raging rivers and towering mountains. It is also one of the top destinations for people looking to go on an adventure. Every year tourists from around the world visit New Zealand in the hopes of experiencing the country’s natural beauty and explore the wonderful adventures it holds for them.

Beginning in August of 2019, the New Zealand government has introduced an electronic visa waiver called the NZeTA which makes it easier for citizens of over 60 countries to travel to New Zealand. This new visa waiver system eliminates the need for travelers to obtain a visa via a local embassy or consulate. Instead, travelers can fill out an online application and receive their NZeTA visa within a matter of days.

The NZeTA is also a security measure as it allows the New Zealand Border Security officials to pre-screens travelers before they arrive in the country and identify any security threats before they arise.

When do South Korean Citizens Need to Apply for an eTA NZ?

The NZeTA visa can be obtained by citizens of the US, Canada, the UK, all EU member states, Japan and South Korea. Travelers from these countries will need to apply for the NZeTA visa prior to their arrival in the country.

Additionally, people traveling on board cruise ships or airlines as part of the crew will also need to obtain a Crew eTA visa in order to travel to the country. The Crew eTA visa has a validity of 5 years. Transit passengers with a stop-over in New Zealand as well as passengers traveling in a cruise ship will also be required to obtain a NZeTA visa before arriving in the country.

eTA New Zealand Application from South Korea

Although the NZeTA visa can be obtained within 3 business days from the time the applicant submits his/her online application, it is still considered best practice to apply for the visa well ahead of time. This is to ensure that in the event the applicant’s visa is denied or there are other processing delays, that the applicant will have enough time to correct them or be able to account for them.

The process itself for applying for a NZeTA visa is very simple. Applicant’s will need to access the New Zealand eTA Online Visa website and navigate to the link which open up the online form. On the application form, the traveler will be asked to provide personal details such as their Name, Address, Date of Birth as well as some passport information. They will also be asked to make declarations about any criminal history they might have and plans for onward travel after their visit to New Zealand. There will also be sections concerning the traveler’s health and security that they will be asked to complete.

It is worth stressing upon that the information entered on the online NZeTA visa application should be as accurate as possible. Any mismatch between the information provided on the form and that which is shown on the applicant’s travel documents can render the application invalid. This can lead to a denial of the traveler’s NZeTA visa application. In certain cases, the visa might be granted but the applicant may face travel delays as a result.

Travelers will have the opportunity to revise any incorrect or missing information from the application form before submitting it.

Once the visa application has been submitted, the traveler will receive his/her NZeTA visa via email. It is important for the traveler to take a printed copy of the NZeTA to the New Zealand port of entry when he/she arrives. The traveler will be asked to submit the visa along with other travel documents to the Immigration and Customs officials.

Entry Requirements for South Korean Citizens to Visit New Zealand

There are certain requirements that all foreigners from eligible countries traveling to New Zealand must fulfill in order to obtain a NZeTA visa. These requirements include:

  • Having a passport from one of the 60 eligible countries
  • Having a passport that has a validity between 1 to 3 months from the date of arrival in New Zealand.
  • Being able to pay a processing fee and NZ tourist tax called the International Visitor Conservation and Tourist Levy (IVL) using a debit/credit card

The IVL is a tax that is collected by the New Zealand government to help reduce the impact of traveler’s have on touristic attractions in the country and to ensure the preservation of such places for other visitors.

When do citizens of South Korea need to apply for a Visa instead of an eTA?

The government of New Zealand offers a variety of different tourist visas that travelers can apply for. While the NZeTA visa is a more convenient way of applying for a visa, it might not suit everyone’s travel needs. Therefore, travelers should look through the different types of tourist visas to see which ones best suit their needs.

eTA NZ Quick facts for South Korean citizens

  • South Korean Citizens are eligible for NZeTA
  • Valid for up to 2 years
  • Allows multiple entries
  • Good for short term stays not exceeding 90 days in total