Do I need a visa for New Zealand from Australia?

Australian permanent residents, regardless of their nationality, can travel to New Zealand visa-free.

Nevertheless, foreign citizens holding permanent residency in Australia are required to apply for an NZeTA visa waiver prior to their departure towards NZ, whether they are transit passengers en route to a third-country destination, or visiting New Zealand for tourism or business.

Australian nationals, however, do not need a visa to visit New Zealand. That is because, thanks to the special relations between Australia and New Zealand, Australians are deemed to hold resident status on arrival. This means that they can visit, live, and work in New Zealand without obtaining a visa.

Travelling from Australia to New Zealand without an Australian Passport

If you are travelling to New Zealand from Australia and you are not Australian, whether you need a visa or eTANZ depends on several factors.

Having been granted an Australian visa is not in itself enough reason to have your visa requirements for New Zealand lifted. These depend on your nationality and residence status as well as the length and purpose of your trip to New Zealand.

Since the beginning of October 2019, Australian permanent residents are required to pre-register an Electronic Travel Authorisation before travelling to New Zealand (but they are not charged the associated tourist levy).

If you don’t hold an Australian passport or permanent residency, you may still be able to apply for an eTA. Check the list of visa waiver countries on the NZeTA requirements page to see if your nationality is eligible. In this case, you will need to apply for an electronic permit before you leave Australia for New Zealand, regardless of whether you hold a valid Australian visa.