Is my eTA New Zealand registration secure?

Yes, New Zealand eTA registrations use secure servers. Travellers can rest assured that the strictest measures are in place to guarantee privacy and safety.

Personal information provided by applicants is protected through encryption to prevent third parties from accessing it. In addition, all personal data is subject to our Privacy Policy and is treated as confidential.

Payment of the NZeTA application fee is processed via safe gateways and the latest security technology and protocols are applied.

How does the New Zealand government use my data?

Data collected by the New Zealand authorities will only be accessed by authorised personnel such as border control and immigration officers as well as law enforcement. New Zealand follows international laws regarding sharing data with other countries.

New Zealand collects traveller data in order to:

  • Keep the borders safe
  • Fight crimes such as international terrorism and identity theft
  • Respond adequately to the demand of personnel and resources at the New Zealand entry points caused by increased international tourism