When does a New Zealand eTA expire?

The eTA NZ application takes minutes and most requests are processed within 3 working days by the New Zealand authorities. Once it is approved, an NZeTA remains valid for 2 consecutive years.

Please be mindful that the eTA is directly linked to the passport you used during the application. Should your passport expire before the 2 years are up, you will need to apply for a new NZeTA once you obtain the new passport.

It is important that you respect your eTA terms and conditions. Breaking the law by staying longer than permitted or engaging in prohibited activities while visiting on an NZeTA may result in your permit being withdrawn (as well as serious consequences such as fines or even detention).

Can I Stay in New Zealand for 2 Years with eTA?

No. Although the electronic authorisation is valid for 2 years, the holder is allowed multiple entries of up to 90 days each into the country.