eTA New Zealand Countries and Launch Date Revealed

eta new zealand countries launch date revealed

The Government of New Zealand confirmed the launch date and list of eligible nationalities for their new Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA NZ) for citizens of visa waiver countries, airline and cruise crew, and cruise line passengers.

Citizens of 60 countries are now able to apply online for the NZ eTA. Citizens of these visa waiver countries are required to register a simple New Zealand eTA application form to travel to NZ.

New Zealand eTA requirements involve paying a small service fee and tourist tax, the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL), This fee helps to protect the natural environment tourists will enjoy during their stay in New Zealand.

The eTA New Zealand was implemented in order to improve border security and reduce public safety risks to New Zealand, as well as to improve the traveller’s experience in the country. It allows multiple entries over a total validity period of 2 years (or 5 years for airline or cruise crew).

When is the eTA for New Zealand available?

The Government of New Zealand has finally announced the launch date for the Electronic Travel Authorization for visa-exempt foreign citizens. The New Zealand eTA application system is already available online for eligible travellers to apply from their smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.

It is obligatory for foreign citizens from all 60 NZeTA eligible countries to have an approved eTA NZ in order to enter the island country, starting October 1st, 2019. Applying online is quick and easy. Most applications are approved within 1 business day. However, visitors are advised to apply for an NZeTA at least 3 business days prior to their intended date of arrival to NZ in order to leave sufficient time for processing.

Do I need an eTA for New Zealand?

The New Zealand Government has also confirmed the list of nationalities and persons who will be required to apply for an eTA visa waiver to travel to the country, as well as the exceptions to the rule.

To meet the New Zealand requirements for eTA, it is necessary to have a passport from one of the 60 visa-exempt countries for New Zealand:

– All European Union citizens:

– Other Countries:

Even if they are only transiting through New Zealand en route to a final destination, passengers from a visa waiver country or a transit visa waiver country are required to hold an eTA NZ from October 1st, 2019.

Additionally, all airline crew and cruise line crew, no matter their nationality, need to apply for a Crew eTA before travelling to New Zealand from 1st October, 2019. The eTA for airline and cruise ship crew is valid for up to 5 years.

Australian citizens are exempt from applying for the eTA under a mutual travel agreement with the New Zealand Government. Australian permanent residents of other nationalities need to apply for an eTA but are not required to pay the associated tourist levy.

Other New Zealand eTA exemptions include:

  • Crew and passengers of a non-cruise vessel
  • Crew on a foreign ship carrying cargo
  • Guests of the New Zealand Government
  • Foreign citizens travelling under The Antarctic Treaty
  • Members of a visiting force and associated crew members

How Can I Apply for New Zealand eTA?

Those eligible for the New Zealand eTA visa waiver may easily submit an application from the comfort of their home or office. October1 st, 2019, foreign visitors from eligible countries are required to present an approved eTA authorization to enter the country to discover New Zealand’s attractions and stunning natural landscapes.

At the moment, the only obligatory New Zealand eTA requirement is having a valid passport from one of the visa waiver countries, or being an airline or cruise crew member, or Australian foreign permanent resident of any nationality. All applicants need an email address and a debit or credit card to cover NZeTA and IVL fees (if applicable).

To complete the online eTA application, travellers are required to fill in a range of personal and passport information and answer a few questions related to health and security matters. In general, eTA requests will take between 5-10 minutes to complete.

Applicants need to supply an email address and debit or credit card details to pay the service fee and the tourist levy for New Zealand. An email address is needed to get the respective notifications in regards to the status of the New Zealand eTA application.

The eTA for New Zealand is electronically linked to the applicant’s passport, so it’s essential that visitors make sure they travel on the same passport they used to obtain the NZeTA to present at New Zealand border entry points.