Discover New Zealand with the eTA for New Zealand

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Set in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is a beautiful country with a population of just 4.8 million people. The country that was made famous by The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, welcomes millions of foreign visitors year after year. As tourism rises, the government of New Zealand has introduced the eTA New Zealand, a travel authority to visit the nation.

The eTA for New Zealand, an Electronic Travel Authority, has been a requirement for citizens of 60 eligible countries since October 2019.

Foreign travellers are now able to obtain this travel authority by completing the New Zealand eTA application form. To successfully obtain this visa waiver, applicants are required to provide their personal details and passport information.

What do I need to travel to New Zealand?

In order to apply for the New Zealand eTA, eligible travellers must meet the New Zealand eTA visa waiver requirements. This includes having a passport from an eligible country with at least 3 months validity from the expected date of departure from NZ.

The eTA is available for citizens of the 60 visa waiver-exempt countries for New Zealand. These include Canada, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, the Republic of South Korea, the United States, and Japan.

Citizens of Australia are allowed visa waiver-free travel to New Zealand and are not required to apply for an NZeTA either. Foreign permanent residents of Australia, however, are required to apply for an eTA (but not to pay the associated tourist levy).

Applicants also need to supply an email address and debit or credit card details to pay the service fee and a tourist levy for New Zealand (if applicable). An email address is needed to get the respective notifications in regards to the status of the New Zealand eTA application.

Cruise passengers and those transiting through Auckland International Airport are also required to obtain an NZeTA.

Those who intend to stay in New Zealand for longer than 90 consecutive days or that don’t meet the citizenship requirements may need to apply for a traditional visa.

Why visit New Zealand?

Depending on the departure point, a trip to New Zealand could take several hours. However, a long journey will be worth it. Once arrived in the country, tourists will be mesmerised by its natural parks, vibrant Māori culture, extreme sports options, and stunning beaches.

The region has 2 main landmasses, the North Island and the South Island along with 600 smaller islands. New Zealand is home to enchanting forests, impressive mountains, and inspiring lakes making it the perfect destination to be one with nature. The Heaphy and Milford Tracks is one epic walk. Many decide to go mountain biking or canoeing while getting to know New Zealand.

The Māori culture will definitely grab any tourist’s attention. Visitors are likely to hear the Māori language or witness a cultural performance, such as a war dance. The Māori design has inspired many tattoo artists around the world and in NZ it’s possible to understand their artistry better.

The country is extremely well organised, with trains and buses running on time and roads being in good shape. New Zealand isn’t a tourist destination where one must watch out for scams, foreigners will feel safe while travelling around the country.

Though NZ isn’t necessarily famous for its food, the culinary scene has certainly evolved in recent years. While it’s always possible to find the British-influenced classics such as fish and chips, restaurants serve dishes with lamb, oysters, and scallops too. Vegan and vegetarian options are becoming more prominent throughout the country.

Some of the main attractions in NZ include:

  • Queenstown: “the adventure capital of the world” is the birthplace of bungee jumping and that’s just the beginning. Besides extreme experiences, here visitors can enjoy from a cosmopolitan dining and arts scene
  • Abel Tasman National Park: this is New Zealand’s most popular Great Walk. It’s the ideal place to do some hiking, kayaking, or cruising. Discover its hidden coves and beaches to rest and soak up the sun
  • Blue Penguin Colony: animal lovers can rejoice and meet these incredible creatures. The center conservation work will help animal lovers understand how they’ve been able to increase the penguin population
  • Milford Sound: Rising above the fiord’s indigo water is the impressive Mitre Peak. A picture-perfect spot that will astound

Those planning a trip to New Zealand should be sure to check the country’s entry requirements. Always travel with a valid passport and the necessary authorisation or visa. The New Zealand eTA is an obligatory requirement visa-exempt citizens need in order to visit this wonderful destination.