Do children need an eTA for New Zealand?

eTA New Zealand for children

Whether a child needs an NZeTA (New Zealand) or not depends on their nationality and the amount of time they will spend in the country. Some nationalities are not eligible for the eTA whereas for others it is a requirement.

Children from certain countries, such as the US and all EU nations, can enter New Zealand with only their passports for periods of up to 90 days. However, citizens from other eligible countries need an eTA New Zealand for children to stay in the country for the 90-day duration.

Minors from the UK can enter for up to 6 months without a New Zealand eTA for infants. Additionally,  all Australians can enter indefinitely without any type of travel authorization, they are granted automatic residency status on arrival.

Which nationalities need a New Zealand eTA for children?

Children from 60 countries need a New Zealand eTA, though more countries may be added to the list over the coming months.

Here is a complete list of the eTA-eligible countries. Please note that foreign minors with a permanent residence status for Australia are required to carry a valid NZeTA, whether the country that issued their passport appears in the eligibility list below, or not:

How can I apply for the eTA New Zealand for a child??

Applying for an eTA New Zealand for a child is straightforward. An older teenager can complete the New Zealand eTA application themselves, with parental guidance, while younger children must have their parent or guardian complete the form on their behalf.

It only takes a few minutes to complete the eTA NZ application form for children. Applicants must answer a series of questions by entering information such as the child’s name, address, date of birth, passport details. There are also some health and security-related questions that must be completed on the form.

It is essential to answer all the questions fully and accurately. Any errors or missing information can lead to complications in the application process and can even cause rejections in some cases. All applicants should carefully revise all the information provided before submitting the form.

To submit the form, it is necessary to make a payment using a credit or debit card. The vast majority of applications will be very quickly approved before the New Zealand eTA is delivered by email.

Do very young children and babies need an eTA for New Zealand?

Yes, they do. Since eTA New Zealand is an individual visa waiver, every traveller, regardless of their age, that is required to apply for an NZeTA must do so individually.

Currently, there are no family NZeTAs that allow families travelling together to apply as a group. However, applying for an eTA New Zealand on behalf of a baby, toddler, child or teenager is very simple.

The process of applying for a New Zealand eTA for babies or young children is the same. Parents and guardians will need to complete the application form on the child’s behalf.

Step by step New Zealand eTA for children application process

Applying for the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority on behalf of a minor is a straightforward procedure that can be completed in minutes from your smartphone, tablet or personal computer. It involves 4 simple steps you may complete online:

  • Fill out the NZeTA application form with your child’s personal, contact, and travel information
  • Carefully reread all the information, checking for errors or typos before continuing to the next step
  • Pay the NZeTA application fees as well as the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) fee (if applicable) with a valid credit or debit card
  • Receive your son or daughter’s approved NZeTA at the email address you provided in step 1

Please note that the IVL is not charged with every NZeTA application. Should your child be required to pay the IVL, it will be automatically added to your application fee when you reach step 3. In instances where the IVL is not required —such as minor Australian permanent residents applying for an NZeTA, or minors requesting cruise ship NZeTAs— then it will not be added to your eTA fee.

New Zealand visas for kids not eligible for the eTA

If a child is not eligible for the New Zealand Visa Waiver program there are other types of visas available including tourist visas. Applications can be made at embassies and consulates in person.

More countries may be added to the list of eTA eligible countries in the future. People planning on going to New Zealand can see an updated list of New Zealand eTA eligible countries.