Check NZeTA Status

check nzeta status

Travellers who have applied for a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) via this site can check the status of their visa waiver online by following the instructions below.

The NZeTA is an online travel authorisation that grants eligible foreign nationals permission to enter New Zealand. Before embarking on a journey to the country, an individual may want to check their NZeTA status to make sure that it was approved and continues to be valid.

Important: It is only possible to complete the check if you obtained your NZeTA through this website.

How can I check my visa waiver status for New Zealand (NZeTA)?

NZeTA applicants can check the status of their Electronic Travel Authority by clicking on the button below and filling out the short contact form. The traveller should specify the nature of their inquiry (i.e. the status of their visa waiver application for New Zealand).

The following information will be requested in order to verify the user’s identity:

  • Full name (as it appears on the individual’s passport)
  • Passport number
  • Passport country of issue
  • Email address

Once this information has been verified, the applicant will be sent an email detailing the current status of their NZeTA application, which may be listed as “approved” or “pending”.

Pending” means that the traveller’s application is still being processed and that their information is currently under review. The “pending” status rarely lasts longer than 72 hours, since the vast majority of NZeTA applications are processed within this time.

Why should I check my New Zealand eTA status?

Nationals of visa waiver countries for New Zealand must have a valid NZeTA before travelling to the country. All passengers are advised to ensure that their passport and eTA are valid prior to departure.

Travellers who arrive at the New Zealand border without a valid eTA and an associated passport will not be permitted to enter the country.

The NZeTA is valid for 2 years from the date of approval. If an international visitor is unsure about when their New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority is due to expire, it is advisable to check when it was first issued. If they do not know, they can check the status of their NZeTA online.

If the New Zealand visa waiver has not been approved or has expired, it will be necessary to apply for a new one, providing that the traveller still meets the NZeTA requirements.

How can I check the validity of my eTA NZ?

It is possible to check the validity of a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority in the same way as checking the status of an NZeTA application — by completing the contact form and specifying the query.

Again, this is only possible for travellers who applied through this site.

The individual must enter their name, passport number, the country that issued their passport, and their email address to verify their identity and the details of their NZeTA will be retrieved and sent by email.

The email will specify whether or not the New Zealand visa waiver is still valid or if it has expired.

What is my New Zealand eTA expiry date?

When it is first approved, the NZeTA is delivered by email to the applicant. The email outlines the details of the New Zealand visa waiver, including the date of issue and the date of expiry.

The expiry date is 2 years after the date the NZeTA was approved.

If a traveller has lost this information and cannot retrieve the original confirmation email, it is possible to check the status of their NZeTA by completing a contact form on this website (as long as they originally applied through this site).

The information about their New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority, including the expiry date, will be retrieved and emailed to them.

Can I renew my NZeTA?

If a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority has expired, foreign nationals can apply for a new one. The visa waiver is obtained in the same way as the original — by completing an NZeTA application form online.

Travellers must also reapply for the NZeTA in the following circumstances:

  • Their personal information has changed.
  • The passport registered on their original NZeTA application has expired or been lost, stolen, or damaged and has therefore been replaced.

If you have any queries or doubts about the status of their travel authorisation for New Zealand, obtaining a new NZeTA, or any other issues please feel free to contact us.

Do I need a new NZeTA for each trip to New Zealand?

No, the NZeTA grants multiple entries to New Zealand during its 2-year validity period. The majority of travellers can spend up to 3 months in the country per visit. British citizens can spend up to 6 months at a time.

It is only necessary to apply for a new NZeTA when the last one expires.