Since 2014, it has offered specialized online visa application services to help travellers during the visa application process. Our agents assist travellers to obtain travel authorizations from governments. Our services include the proper review of all answers, assistance with completing the application, review of the application for accuracy, completeness, spelling, and grammar; our services also include the translation of information. We may also contact our clients via phone or email if we require additional information to complete the request.

Once the application on our website is complete, an immigration expert reviews it and will submit an eTA New Zealand request to the Government of New Zealand. eTA New Zealand applications are subject to approval by the Government of New Zealand, but our expertise ensures an application that is 100% free of errors. In most cases, applications are processed and approved within 3 business days. Please note that incomplete or incorrect applications may be delayed. Our experts follow up with applications and approved NZeTA are sent via email with detailed information and tips on how to use the New Zealand eTA to enter New Zealand.

We assist clients from over 40 countries and our team speaks over ten (10) different languages. More than 50 specialized employees review, edit, correct, analyze and process visa applications around the clock.

We provide help and assistance to both individuals and legal entities with their online eTA New Zealand application. We are a private website that is not affiliated with the New Zealand government. Our professional travel support services are provided for a fee of $79. While applicants can process their application directly through the Government of New Zealand, they will do so without the benefit of our personalized travel assistance services.

The NZeTA Application

Given our commitment to ensuring the most optimal experience for our clients, our user-friendly platform ensures that any user can easily complete and submit their eTA New Zealand application. This permits travellers who use our services to simply relax and focus on enjoying their vacation and not worry about immigration paperwork.

When someone processes their eTA New Zealand application on our website, all of their personal details will be verified before the application is submitted to authorities. The NZeTA enrollment will be linked to the traveller’s passport. Applicants normally receive their eTA New Zealand within 3 business days.


Our service prides itself on transparency therefore there are no surprises and no hidden extra charges: we charge a service fee of $79. Requesting an NZeTA costs NZ$12 via the official Inmigration New Zealand website. Certain travellers entering New Zealand must also pay the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) which is NZ$35 for all those travelling for tourism. Additionally, customers whose eTA application is not approved may be eligible for a 100% money-back guarantee.

Our Systems

We only employ the most up-to-date technology to guarantee our clients’ privacy and to safeguard their information throughout the entire eTA New Zealand process, which includes payment.

Customer Service

Our travel experts are available around the clock to answer whatever questions might arise. Feel free to contact us at info@etanewzealand.com